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The product families that we offer are divided into two ranges. Both of our ranges offer premium performance and lifetime. The products ranges have each been specifically optimized and calibrated for use in homes, businesses and professional applications.

All of our XPERTpro bulbs use CREE XPE chips. This range was created with the understanding that lumen output, lifetime, color consistency, efficiency and dimmability are all important to the professional user.

Our design goal was to create 1-to-1 replacement ability. You will find that the dimensions of our bulbs,  the power sources and the dimming features all allow the XPERTpro range to be a true retrofit in existing light fixtures.

Our XPERT bulbs were designed with our clients in mind. Maximum performance at a minimum cost. By choosing led chips from Samsung and integrating them with innovative heat management technologies we have achieved reliable, high output, long-life bulbs that have been optimized for standard applications.

The lowered cost that we achieved is being passed directly on to you. This allows you to make the changeover to led bulbs and achieve a fast ROI without compromising on quality.

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