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We INNOVATE. That's all it says on the whiteboard when we start our brainstorming sessions. It doesn't matter if it is a new idea, a new method or a new product. If it isn't innovative, we aren't interested. New ideas are easy, its the great ideas that are limited.

We promote innovation within our company and strive to achieve continuous growth by developing new services and products based on our clients needs and dreams.

When we CREATE new products, we start from the end. We know that there are thousands of products being designed every day. We always set out to create a product that will truly meet every one of our specifications.

We create products that rely on the work of thousands of people before us, incorporating existing technologies from many other fields. The only way to create something new is to do something that has never been done. We do it every day here at XPERT.

Our DESIGN team is so detail oriented that we had over 100 different screws to choose from for the face of our EXPERT PRO range. We ended up going with a snap-and-twist cover.

Our designers are fluent in new technologies as well as ecological and business needs. Their mission it to create products that are beautiful, useful and support our company's goals.

They are focused on designing products and packaging that support a better future for themselves, XPERT LED and the world.

The INSPIRATION for everything we do comes from our surroundings. From our families to the nature reserves and bay near our homes in California, we want our children to enjoy the same views and beauty that we enjoy every day.

With the increase in greenhouse gases caused by electricity production and use, we know that we are already late to make changes. Thats why every new product we offer must be forward thinking and inspire change in others as well.

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